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The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity

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Claud Sinclair, Esq.
April 10, 2024 · changed the group description.

Welcome to The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity:

Self-evaluation and reflection are the most difficult and rewarding parts of renewal and repentance. This is the process of transformation by metaphorically being born again through the renewing of your mind. YOU will become a true disciple of THE WAY. YOU will learn, there is a big difference between the teaching and LIFE of Jesus aka Black Jesus [Yeshua] Disciple vs. the New Testament Teachings of the Apostle Paul. This is becoming a critical thinker on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Reborn! YOU can NOT afford to be closed-minded with outdated information that YOU have been led to believe is accurate. The only reason, I address this topic of religious indoctrination, is that I have been sent to set the captives FREE from their mental bondage. Mental bondage doesn't just apply to religious doctrine, because LIFE is filled with many obstacles which keep YOU in mental and physical bondage. I am here to set the captives FREE according to the scriptures and the wisdom teachings of the ancient of days.

This Ministry/Movement will teach YOU how to identify and satisfy your spiritual nature, balanced with your earthly requirements for survival. This balance will help YOU to achieve your highest Inner Peace and Prosperity. Your first desire should be to discover what it means to be a spiritual being. Becoming a spiritual being is more than meditation and burning incense to get in touch and communicate with your inner consciousness. Spiritual is finding Purpose in your earthly existence, satisfying the requirements that God; and Black Jesus [Yeshua] have given us. These requirements are designed to give Us direction throughout the scriptures. NOT only this, it instructs Us on how to live profitable lives, and how-to live-in peace and harmony with one another. Contrary to religious teachings, these requirements for living profitable lives, have NOT been done away with. YOU will learn the rules of engagement which serve two (2) purposes:

(1) When YOU live according to God's mandate for becoming a Good Steward; (2) Heaven will become your reward, "On Earth, as it Is, In Heaven".

In this 21st Century Ministry/Movement YOU will learn what it means to find PURPOSE in your existence on the road to Enlightenment. This is THE WAY! This is the narrow path. Satan is a clever deceiver for the undeveloped primal mind, and many have been led astray through mysticism, superstitions, and enchantments. The destruction is NOT in the unknowing, it is in the refusal to learn as hidden truths are being revealed.

The Bible is full of trees [pitfalls], hiding the true path [The Way]. This Ministry/Movement will start as Information, which grows into Knowledge and Knowledge transforms into Wisdom and Wisdom transforms into Enlightenment. It is your LIFE journey with YOU making your own decisions, by being able to think clearly and accurately about your salvation. The difference here is that YOU will be equipped to conduct a proper analysis. Knowledge is NOT power and is quite useless without gaining an understanding of your Purpose in LIFE and then, equipping YOU to take ACTION in your Transformation. There is a war between Good vs. Evil. The current system of indoctrination is NOT designed for YOU to prosper. It is intended to deceive and corrupt the feeble-minded.

Keeping YOU deceived, under-educated and oppressed, and feeble-minded, keeps YOU from living your best LIFE. This is NOT the worst part of this discussion. The most horrific and soul-wrenching part of it all is that YOU have been brainwashed and indoctrinated to turn your face away from the commandments of the Most-High God making sure YOU will never find, The Way, out of the wilderness of LIFE. YOU have denied and prevented from ever being properly taught about what the bible is saying to YOU. YOU were only taught the commercialized version and sound bites of Christianity from television, radio, and your Pastor. Just look at your condition, NOT as individuals, but as a community.

If YOU continue to be deceived, your soul is being consumed by this world. YOU can NOT continue to believe in the unbelievable when God has told YOU exactly what YOU Must do with your LIFE, yet YOU continue to ignore it.

In this Ministry/movement, YOU will be taught what God and Black Jesus [Yeshua] are saying to YOU. Just face reality. The world is falling apart right before our eyes, and we act as spectators in a world where God has given us authority and dominion to be creators, caretakers, and protectors. This original nature has been disrupted and ripped apart, but God gave us a brain that is being underutilized.

Then We question God, asking him why he is allowing bad things to happen while refusing to take personal responsibility. This is abdicating your duty and responsibility for your LIFE. YOU are participating in your destruction when YOU live below the expectations and talents, you have been bestowed, when YOU were born. This means YOU have given up your Power. When this occurs, evil things begin to manifest in your LIFE, such as becoming helpless, living in poverty, depression, misery, and despair becoming a constant in your LIFE. This is an empowerment Ministry/Movement because the scriptures teach, that YOU can NOT expect others to do for YOU, that which YOU refuse to do for yourself. God has given YOU everything YOU need to become successful in LIFE to transform yourself. If YOU are refusing. YOU are being willingly ignorant, in direct indifference to what God and Black Jesus [Yeshua] and ancestors have attempted to teach Us, through the scriptures, which is THE WAY to individual enlightenment.

This is the beginning of understanding, in what it means to take back your power which starts by developing your intellectual capacity. Aren't YOU tired of being feeble-minded which is making YOU weak and easily exploited individually and as a group?

Right Now, the Demon of Fear and cognitive dissonance is taking control over YOU, even though YOU know, what I'm saying is right. Your brainwashing has kicked in, don't let Satan win. YOU will want to stop and turn away, but remember, your soul is at stake, and YOU cannot unlearn this information because the seed has been planted in your subconscious mind because it is the right thing to do.

YOU must learn how to think properly and then, help one another to thrive and prosper in this truth. A healthy-minded person will want to at least know why I AM telling YOU this, that We have all been lied to for over 2,000 years. Why do YOU run towards lies and deceptions and run away from the truth? The same document [New Testament] that is telling YOU to beware of false teaching is actually the false teacher. How deviously brilliant! This is leaving our people and homes in condemnation, disarray, and perpetual darkness. YOU know the Dark Side. Now, let us learn to turn towards the Light! These are bad habits and teaching broke with them out of slavery. YOU have taken slavery with YOU and put these teachings in your homes. The Negro Mind after 150 years is still refusing to evolve and grow up from childhood into adulthood.

The lost will say, the color of Jesus [Yeshua] doesn't matter. The problem is NOT the color, but what the symbolism of color represents causing YOU to deny God and your likeness. White Jesus represents being conquered and your person destroyed. White Jesus represents white nationalism, slavery, racism, bigotry, bondage, oppression, brokenness, and a living death [Zombies]. White Jesus represents the indoctrinated mind, telling YOU that YOU are a worthless, vile, abomination to God. The New Testament White Jesus doctrine tells YOU that your God no longer exists, and YOU don't need to follow his commandments any longer because no one can keep his commandments anyway, so the gentile mind rationalizes that We are all sinners anyway and since they [gentiles] can't keep the Gods laws. The good news is that they are done away with and just ask for forgiveness as many times as YOU like and if YOU believe, it will become your truth and YOU will be forgiven from sin, NOT your corrective behavior. Besides YOU don't need to do anything to correct your situation in LIFE. Don't worry about this LIFE because your reward is after YOU die. The first trap door tells YOU were born in Sin, and there is nothing YOU can do to save yourself, NOT even your good deeds. The second trap door is that YOU can be saved after YOU Die, if YOU have just faith and believe in White Jesus. Just have Faith and Believe and no matter what kind of LIFE you live YOU will be saved from your wicked behavior at death. YOU must be obedient to a man-made fiction without proof and/or evidence. This is pimp talk keeping your head bowed and back bent in subjugation. YOU ask the pimped-out mind, how can YOU believe this nonsense. Their response is also mind boggling. I believe it, just in case its true, besides no harm no foul. This is no belief at all. YOU can't trick God, besides this thought process has devoured your soul.

On the other hand, Black Jesus [Yeshua] is NOT a Christian and doesn't represent the organized religions of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Romans. God told Us, that he is the God of the Living, NOT the Dead. This is The Way of Black Jesus [Yeshua]. He told Us, that he came that We may have LIFE and live LIFE more abundantly, if We keep God's Commandments.

Black Jesus [Yeshua] was an activist, and a scholar and was murdered for wanting to educate his people in the Power of Healing Love in the Spirit of God which is Unity, by keeping the Laws of God. Black Jesus [Yeshua] is a powerful example of how We should live our lives raise our children and treat each other. We must start by following his example. This is THE WAY to the Kingdom of Heaven!

On Earth as it is in Heaven. It is each of our responsibility to restore Our Minds and turn our face back to God and the teaching of Black Jesus [Yeshua]. YOU will learn how to take back your power and to thrive and prosper as God intends for each of Us. This can only be done by each of Us learning and developing ourselves, so We can Work together. This is a hospital designed to cure the sickness of despair and Our Disunity which is against Our Nature, which is currently out of Balance.

Black Christians say, I fall down, but I get Up. The critical mind should ask, why do I keep falling down, in the first place? Maybe, YOU are being handicapped and intentionally kept disabled? The Bible has 3 different teachings, The Old Testament, The Gospels of Black Jesus, and The Pauline Epistles of make-believe fictional White Jesus. The Old Testament and Gospels are in agreement and the New Testament, is a departure from the teaching of God and Black Jesus. When a person actually studies the Bible with a pure heart. They all reach the same conclusion. Some turn away from Christianity altogether, but YOU can't throw Black Jesus [Yeshua] away with the dirty bath water.

The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity follows the teachings of the Most-High God of the Old Testament [Ten Commandments] which is Maat [See University In Your Home Link]; YOU are taught The Gospel teachings of Black Jesus [Yeshua] as well as wisdom teachings in general and how they differ from the 2000-year-old false teachings of the New Testament teachings of Paul the Apostate [Deceiver]. YOU will learn how to identify and separate the truth from the lies. The truth is right before YOU, but if YOU don't care to learn the difference between truth and lies. Satan has already destroyed your soul. If YOU believe and have faith YOU should be able to examine your belief inside and out. Just trying to get YOU to think, that's all.

In this exhilarating discussion, YOU can connect with other friends, get updates, and share comments. This is a Ministry/Movement to put Boots on the Ground to transform the minds of individuals, homes, and communities in a collective struggle for Personal Growth and Professional Development in a hostile world. The goal is to get this Ministry/Movement into every home transforming the minds of individuals, organizations, and communities from acts of self-destruction, that engage in inappropriate, social, political, and economic behavior.

Discussions will be around organizing ourselves, our homes, and our communities around this priceless study material. YOU will learn to organize, work, and build together as YOU journey through these new teachings and academic curricula. Treat it as a regular University classroom experience [min. 3-4 hours per week]. YOU will learn how to Create a LIFE ACTION PLAN which is a Business Plan for your LIFE. YOU will learn and develop the skills needed to build and operate a successful LIFE and Business model to thrive and prosper. This is an Each One Teach One - Earn while YOU Learn Economic Empowerment Opportunity. Learn More about this Ministry/Movement by watching the Family Wealth Literacy Webinar found on the Home Page.


It's Time to Evolve!

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair Esq.

Pastor of the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity

The Mentor!


The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity is a 21st Century M...


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