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Train Your Child to Become Independent and competitive.

Put a University In Your Home

Boardwalk School of Economics Wealth Mastery Training Program.


The GOAL is to ASSIST a New Generation of Individuals and Parent(s) in raising children who are prepared to compete in society. This means they will be well-rounded [Mind, Body, Soul] before and after they graduate High School and/or College. 


The HOME is the Original Department of Housing, Education, and Welfare. YOU are the President and CEO and the Captain of your LIFE.  YOU will be provided the tools and skills to prepare yourself, and your children to compete and thrive through Personal Growth and Professional Development. YOU will be motivated and inspired to discover your PURPOSE and the Why of your existence. YOU will build a Legacy by learning how to create and sustain generational wealth through good stewardship. YOU will learn how to teach your children and yourself, the value of the right education. We can no longer afford to live a LIFE of trial and error [ A Hard Knox LIFE]. As evidence shows, and YOU should know, that the Mind is a Terrible thing to remain undeveloped which breeds ignorance, greed, poor relationships, poverty, crime, despair, and generational curses. This is why, injecting this supplemental education into the home is crucial, so We can create Institutions that train our children and communities to compete and build an economic infrastructure, intended to begin leveling the social, political, and economic playing field.

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Eradicating Poverty, Homelessness AND Despair requires a FRESH Approach.
Let's Make Group Prosperity Our New Business Model.

Poverty, Homelessness and Despair has become an unacceptable National Crisis and, in many cases, has turned into a generational curse. We are hamsters on a wheel that is going nowhere fast. The goal here is to help address this issue at the individual, family and grassroots community level.  Although various government bureaucracies at the Federal and State Levels are seemingly scrambling to address this issue. This is a massive issue beyond governments ability to resolve. NOT only must be dry up poverty and despair, but We must learn to prevent it from occurring in the first place.  The issue of poverty and homelessness are merely symptoms that our family structure and society is breaking down and our children are NOT being prepared to compete in society.  The goal here is prevention through Spiritual, Social, Political and Economic Empowerment through this supplemental Wealth Mastery Education before Our Children graduate High School and/or College. We can no longer expect someone to come to our rescue. As individuals, families and communities, coming together to address these issues can go a long way in solving this immediate crisis on the road to building sustainable wealth and prosperity. No one wants their children to grow up and end up in poverty and/or on the streets unable to care for themselves and their children. This knowledge has never been made available to Our communities.


No Excuses!

Start Here and Now!

FREE Download!

FREE Wealth Literacy [Mastery] and Relationship Building Calendar to start your Journey to Economic Empowerment.

YOU must take and ACTIVE role in your Liberation and Empowerment by enrolling and developing a LIFE ACTION PLAN for YOU and Your Family.


Why is Estate Planning Important?

The biggest problem/opportunity in our persons, homes, and communities leading to poverty, crime and homelessness is NOT getting the right financial education and failure to understand how community economics works to build and sustain wealth. I believe once these areas have been corrected. We will be able to fill in the gaps creating more individual and generational wealth.


This Ministry/Movement by providing this necessary information and structure will then allow us to change lives by creating an economic infrastructure within our persons, homes and communities. Lives will improve and businesses will increase with success rates in greater numbers.

Since we are at different stages of the LIFE cycle and differing levels of economic success. This information is still valuable because we must learn how to synergize our efforts by working together with others who are competent and motivated to work as team players. This Ministry/Movement is designed to increase competency in greater numbers.

The final stage of this urban development plan is to make sure that you have an Estate Plan which includes organizing your affairs, providing for the next generation through succession planning. If you have young children make sure that YOU have a LIFE insurance Trust, Will and Living Trust in place to keep your children out of foster care. These documents can always be updated as LIFE progresses and circumstances change. 

This Ministry/Movement makes sure that YOU and your beneficiaries are educated to manage and leverage your hard-earned wealth and efforts YOU spent your LIFE accumulating. This means building upon your successes.


YOU can call me to make an appointment or call an attorney that is competent in Estate Planning. YOU should NOT use a fill in the blanks approach or a paralegal to do this because Estate Planning can be a very complicate area and NOT as easy as YOU think or have led to believe. YOU want to make sure to do it right the first time and build upon it. When problems occur after YOU are no longer around it can NOT be corrected without litigation if beneficiaries are in conflict.

YOU can use the contact form below to give comments or YOU can make an appointment with me by tapping the link Book Online above in the header.


Wills, Trusts, Probate Avoidance, Business startups and Consultations.

Poverty Proof your LIFE

  LIFE is complicated and brutal and if NOT prepared, can lead to unnecessary misery and long-term despair [Don't graduate from "The School of Hard Knox"]. Common Sense is NOT that Common and is only based on ones limited LIFE experience.


How and Why do YOU think so many people get locked up each year? If YOU believe this is the only way to live your LIFE.

YOU should know that isn't right!


LIFE is a business that requires preparation and skill development. So, before YOU enter into any quick money transaction in exchange for the promise of extraordinary returns.  Beware! There are numerous scams today designed to pressure and threaten YOU in order to separate YOU from your hard-earned money. In some cases, I have heard they will even tell YOU to keep the transaction secret. Instant Red Flag! YOU should do what is called, conducting DUE DILIGENCE which is investigating any transaction beforehand.


Quick Money! Ask your yourself, what are the risks and is it a criminal transaction? Do NOT be pressured to act on emotion without thinking of the ramifications.


The goal is to develop critical thinking skills.  Membership means, getting the training YOU need to become successful in LIFE. I know what I'm talking about. This discussion also involves starting a business without the proper knowledge, skills and training. Pay for a consultation in advance. Attorneys are valuable and knowledgeable resources. Don't wait until YOU are involved in a lawsuit or criminal transaction. A phone call can prevent costly mistakes. There are NO shortcuts in LIFE.  Just Do the Work!  This program is a great start, designed to lay a solid foundation before starting off in LIFE.  Attorneys are trained to spot issues that YOU may NOT be aware, potentially saving YOU tens of thousands of dollars without YOU ever realizing it and/or years of incarceration. The training can also take decades off your efforts in reaching success and prosperity goals.  Don't be penny wise and dollar foolish with your time and money. Many bad decisions, lawsuits and litigation could have been prevented, only if the person had gotten a consultation in advance. 

This is a Mentorship Program designed to help individuals, families, relationships and communities achieve greater success. Include myself, "The Mentor" in your LIFE preparation and decision-making.  Enroll Now! As the saying goes, pay NOW, or a whole lot later.  Wisdom comes from study and preparation. Wisdom just doesn't appear out of thin air, no matter how Holy and Street Smart, YOU think YOU are. Wisdom also means, get a second opinion.  Especially, if YOU are NOT yet experienced in making important decisions that can have devastating long-term effects.  Listen, your decisions follow YOU and are building blocks, that will last a lifetime. 


Knowledge is vast and

Wisdom means YOU took the time to prepare!

LIFE is a journey made up of choices. 

Stupid is what Stupid Does and/or NOT do!



Design your LIFE ACTION PLAN in order to compete in a caste system designed to keep YOU and your Family in

poverty and despair


323 299 2509



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Wealth Mastery Workshop in the Financial District [Your Home]
Wealth Mastery Workshop in the Financial District [Your Home]
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It's Never Too Late to Become the Best Version of Yourself

This Ministry/Movement is a Metaphor representing Your Own Pair of
Boots with Straps to Pull Yourself Up. 

Pic pull yourself up by your brand new b

The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity is a 21st Century Ministry/Movement in Personal Growth and Professional Development.


This is a Three Prong Movement in Spiritual, Social, Political and Economic Empowerment combined with

Business/Legal Support. 


YOU will have everything YOU need to Spiritually and Economically pull yourself up in LIFE in order to Thrive and Prosper "The Way"

God Intends for you to Live. 


Imagine a New Paradigm Generation after Generation of Wealth and Prosperity!

What a Ministry/Movement should be all about!

Let's stop praying and begging.


Get off your knees and Do Something!

This is a Call to Action!

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