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This is an intensive, interactive, and highly engaging online course that teaches the principles of wealth creation, accumulation, and preservation to the whole family. This course will produce a high-quality individual who can become a millionaire with a desire to reach back and help others. A person can gain the benefit of this program without becoming a member.


Membership is ONLY available to serious students who have completed the pre-requisite courses evidencing their interest in completing the entire program and/or who are interested in becoming an affiliate marketer. Courses to be completed are (1) Orientation, (2)  enrolled in 52-Week Family Wealth Literacy and Family Relationship Workshop, and (3) Family Wealth Literacy Boot Camp. At this time you will become qualified to move forward in the Wealth Literacy Mastery Program and qualify to become an affiliate. The Basic Membership Fee applies throughout the completion of the entire program even if a person does not choose an affiliate program. The only difference between Basic Membership and choosing an affiliate program is that Basic Members are not entitled to affiliate commissions. The course material is the same. 

Basic Membership: Wealth Literacy [Mastery]

Price Options
Wealth Literacy
Monthly Basic Membership
$39.99every month until canceled
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