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An initial one-hour personalized youth coaching and consulting program that provides guidance and support in achieving short-term and long-term LIFE goals. The consultation will help your future child "superstar" to focus on developing a wealth mindset, create a strategic plan, and provide ongoing support to ensure their success throughout adulthood.


If YOU have a young person involved in sports and on the verge of being a superstar and overnight success. YOU should make sure your child knows how to manage their money before they graduate high school/College. Our children should know how to build an estate plan before they automatically buy a car, jewelry, and a mansion when they receive a large sum of money overnight.  This is a great opportunity to make more money than most people would make in a lifetime. It would be foolish to squander this opportunity. Statistics dictate that a career-ending injury could happen without notice, suddenly ending a promising career. Your child should understand how to make sure their basic needs are cared for in the future just in case. 


Even if your child is NOT fortunate enough to get a lucrative contract. They should understand that having a scholarship is also a tremendous opportunity. Most of our athletes will NOT make it to the pro level. Parents must raise their children to value education and to take advantage of the opportunity to get an education while in college on scholarship. Universities are making billions of dollars off the talents of those athletes and our children are being treated as chattel property. Parents and our children must evolve beyond this diminished mental state. The undeveloped mind is just waiting for someone to take all they worked so hard for. Not only do YOU work with your child to make the money. YOU want them to keep it and grow it.


Our parents and young men especially, should NOT continue to be short-sighted and learn to value the opportunity to get an education from an early age. This opportunity to get an education is also money in their pocket. The failure to be able to read, write, and think is an unfortunate outcome when parents only care about their children making it to the pros, which is a highly unlikely outcome. Even if your child makes it to the pros. An uneducated mind is a disaster. They are just waiting for someone to come along who is much smarter and who will end up with all their money. Just imagine, after they have spent a lifetime working hard and sacrificing their bodies for someone else to come along and reap the benefits. This behavior is unfortunate and devasting because YOU refused to prepare yourself and your child for the complications of LIFE. 



Youth Sports Wealth Literacy Consultation

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