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Receive a one-hour, one-on-one consultation with an estate planner to evaluate your unique needs and create a tailored estate plan that ensures the preservation and distribution of your assets according to your wishes. A personalized consultation helps individuals plan and protect their assets for future generations. This service includes guidance on creating wills, trusts, and other legal documents to ensure the smooth transfer of wealth and assets.


At the end of the consultation, YOU will determine how YOU wish to proceed, and if further services are desired, a written agreement will be drafted to memorialize the agreement. As part of the consultation fee. YOU will be provided with a detailed Estate Planning Questionnaire to help YOU organize your Estate and give YOU instructions to complete your Estate Plan. This is one of the biggest problems families face in the proper distribution of wealth to their beneficiaries, creating a family legacy. The failure to do this is a contributing factor to poverty and the increased rate of homelessness. I also recommend that your beneficiaries be required to complete the Family Wealth Literacy Course to make sure your hard-earned LIFE work is appreciated and NOT wasted. This material should have already been introduced into the family structure while they are children so it becomes part of their DNA.


See the 52-week Family Wealth Literacy Workshop and courses herein. In addition, the other weak link in any Estate Plan is the person YOU choose, such as a Trustee, to help administer your Estate when YOU are NOT able to do so. The Trustee should also be required to complete this course in Wealth Literacy [Mastery]. As part of the Estate Planning process, YOU will be required to choose one or more Trustee(s) to administer your Estate. So choose wisely!


The Consultation Fee will be deducted from the Cost of the Estate Plan. The Consultation is valuable to help YOU spot unique circumstances, organize your affairs, and get YOU properly focused on this important LIFE decision.

Personalized Estate Planning Consultation

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