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One of the biggest problems in any relationship is the ability to work together with a strategic plan to build a prosperous LIFE together. To improve relationships and to make sure they last and thrive. YOU need to make sure that each person enters into the relationship equally prepared to compete and prosper in the relationship. This is being equally yoked with each bringing competency to the table. This process will ensure that both parties are on the same page and properly screened. If one of YOU is NOT willing to participate in the process. This should be a Red Flag!  It takes more than Lust and Love for a relationship to last. Enter LIFE together with an ACTION PLAN for growth. Each person should be a competent individual in their own right with their own separate goals that should be able to coexist in a thriving relationship.

See the 52-week Family Wealth Literacy and Relationship Building Workshop and courses.

Pre-marital and Marital Wealth Mastery Counseling

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