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  • The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity

    The Temple of Peace and Prosperity is a Movement in Personal Growth and Professional Development
    Free Plan
    • This is a FREE Fellowship Ministry/Movement in Renewal.
    • We Learn to Dwell in the Spirit of Unity.
  • Basic Membership Leave No one Behind

    Every month
    A Fair Exchange is NOT Robbery!
    • Required Fee for Program Participation.
    • Courses, PDFs, podcasts, videos and weekly workshops.
  • Ten (10%) Percent Affiliate Program

    Every year
    Basic Membership applies. This is a 10% affiliate Program that renews each year.
    • There are Pre-requisite courses that apply:
    • Completion of Orientation course.
    • Completion of Wealth Literacy Boot Camp.
    • Enrolled in 52-week Family Wealth Literacy Workshop.
    • Graduates receive Wealth Mastery Certificate.
  • Thirty (30%) Percent Affiliate Program

    Every year
    Pre-requisites Apply: 30% Commission for bringing in New Members.
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