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The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity

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Claud Sinclair, Esq.
March 9, 2024 · changed the group description.

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This is a Ministry/Movement to put Boots on the Ground to transform individuals, homes and communities in a collective struggle for Personal Growth and Professional Development. The goal is to get this Ministry/Movement as an educational supplement into every home. Moving our communities out of gangs and acts of self destruction such as engaging in inappropriate social, political and economic behavior by raising the bar to a level of excellence ,in all We Do. Have a discussion about organizing ourselves, homes and communities around this study material. YOU can organize, work and build together as YOU journey through this weekly curriculum. Treat it as a regular University classroom experience [min. 3-4 hours]. YOU will build a LIFE ACTION PLAN which is a Business Plan for your LIFE. YOU will learn and develop the skills needed to build and operate a successful LIFE and Business Model. Use this as a topic of discussion in a polite and respectful manner. This is an Each One Teach One - Earn while YOU Learn Empowerment Opportunity. Learn More by watching the Family Wealth Literacy Webinar. It's Time to Evolve!


The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity is a 21st Century M...


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