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On Demand Webinar!


Webinar - Wealth Literacy Presentation

Wealth Mastery Workshop in the Financial District [Your Home]

Join PowerthroughUNITY for a wealth literacy workshop in the heart of the Financial District. Gain valuable knowledge and strategies for building and preserving wealth in today's economy. Don't miss this opportunity to empower yourself, socially, politically, and financially. This is Mandatory!

Wealth Mastery Workshop in the Financial District [Your Home]
Wealth Mastery Workshop in the Financial District [Your Home]

Time & Location

On Demand Webinar!

Webinar - Wealth Literacy Presentation


About the event

Everyone is welcome [The one drop rule]. The message is to become that Good Steward, able to live an abundant [prosperous] LIFE. YOU will be judged based on the type of LIFE you live and death will take care of itself.  The ancient scriptures instruct us to become good stewards which includes living a LIFE in peace and harmony with self and others, and if YOU do NOT, your LIFE will be miserable and your soul will be cast into outer darkness. 

Money is important, however, living in a drama-free, harmonious, and peaceful environment is the most important. This is where your heaven resides. On Earth as it Is In Heaven. Of course, WE need money in this system to survive, however, WE have failed to become that Good Steward.  We must learn how to live in this world, but NOT be consumed by the things of this world. This is spiritual Balance. See Orientation

This Paradigm shift will form the basis for institutionalizing our progress and lay the foundation for institution-building, so future generations can continue to build upon past progress, instead of each generation starting from scratch. This approach will get into our DNA and begin to transform lives and turn the page of dysfunctional and inappropriate behavior and generational curses by removing the root cause of this condition which is having a poor foundation,  allowing others outside of your community to define who YOU are and dictate outcomes which continue to lead to poverty and despair.  

This Wealth Literacy Program relies on individual competence which strengthens the team. Prosperity is a team sport with wealth-building all-stars on your squad.  It's Time to prepare and train current and future generations to thrive and prosper. Once YOU begin your training a metamorphosis will occur. A new consciousness will create an environment where individuals, families, groups, and organizations can come together and begin to act and think differently.  YOU will see the complete landscape of the LIFE journey and what to do during each stage of personal growth and professional development.  YOU will learn to understand the historical obstacles and strategies of the Past used to disrupt lives and destroy futures.  YOU will learn how and why, there is disunity in the household and community leading to hostility and crime.

This Program is designed for YOU to start healthy discussions and debates among your family, friends, communities, and especially the church.  The church must be reformed and reinvigorated with a new breed of leaders who are spiritual scholars in LIFE who care about developing their membership and the communities they serve. The church used to be the foundation and the breading ground for excellence in social, political, and economic empowerment within our homes and community. However, there are many issues with this Institution which will be addressed in a different forum.  See 

What's the problem with the current church? 

The main issue is that the church never institutionalized our progress. It didn't become an institution that built upon the drive and determination for excellence. Instead, the church engaged in tribalism and indifference led by selfish individuals who failed to prepare the next generation to lead. It stifled individual and group progress. It has become a cult of selfish indifference of the few elites that have become snobs. They would rather die in a position without preparing a succession plan for the youth. These are real issues that this Ministry/Movement will address and strengthen, starting in the home. 

Do YOU know the home is the original Department of Housing, Education, and Welfare?

This New way of thinking restores Us as a community and will serve our best interests. This New Institution will be self-funding and nongovernment-affiliated.  The government can NOT and is NOT willing to solve the problems they have created for Us. It is therefore up to Us to do so. Poverty and Despair is a business model designed to keep YOU in mental and physical bondage. Let's make a conscious decision, and choose LIFE over worshipping Death.  Let's learn what the wisdom texts (scriptures) say about living your best LIFE. 

Be More and Thrive. 

See YOU Inside!

This event has a group. You’re welcome to join the group once you register for the event.


  • 1 hour 30 minutes

    Weekly Family Wealth Literacy Workshop and Relationship Building


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