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[Required] The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity Orientation - Learning Your Spiritual Purpose on the Road to Enlightenment




7 Day Orientation - 24/7 - Online Ministry

About the Course

YOU are about to enter into a journey of restoration and renewal. YOU are a Temple! YOU are the Foundation of Creation. YOU must learn how to remove the calcification, apathy, and indifference from your mind in order to restore your soul essence The world is out of Balance. Learn How to Take Back Your Power. YOU must become your own leader, NOT grounded in individualism and selfish pride, but in UNITY, all journeying in the same direction. The Journey towards enlightenment. The goal is NOT perfection, but finding Balance in your Existence, while discovering Purpose, which involves the business of Kingdom Building. On Earth as It Is In Heaven. YOU are the essence of God and NOT grounded in some outside doctrine created by man [Beware of idol worship]. The Law of God is written in our hearts NOT in a Book. The Bible is NOT for the weak and undeveloped mind. The Bible requires developing critical thinking skills because the Bible, while only a book of instruction, called be used as a book of destruction. Salvation and Destruction are both in the Bible. A true disciple must be able to discern which is which. The scriptures warn of being able to separate the chaff from the wheat because they both grow up together. This is where critical thinking comes in. YOU have to able to identify the chaff and the wheat, in order to separate it in your mind. Satan is the most cunning angels created by God, going throughout the land to see whom he may devour. The goal is to make sure YOU are NOT feeble minded and easily deceived by removing unnecessary rubble and debris, that has been indoctrinated into our minds, so YOU can see clearly. This process involves the ability to develop critical thinking skills. The demon of ignorance and the rulers of this world have conditioned your mind from birth. This is called Cognitive Dissonance [pre-programmed]. YOU have been conditioned through this indoctrination to reject anything that interferes with their control and NOT realize it. How can YOU tell, when the demon of Cognitive Dissonance is affecting your ability to reason. First, YOU would NOT have the attention span to read this far and many will refuse to challenge and their prior indoctrination as an afront to their faith and belief without knowing why, and abruptly click away. They can NOT see nor hear when God is speaking, while to busy praying and failing to listen and see their chosen path, is NOT bearing good fruit. Bearing good fruit does NOT mean, just YOU doing well in your LIFE. Good Fruit is nourishing for all and NOT just a few. Many will given get angry when their indoctrination is being challenging, namely their belief system and faith, in mysticism, superstition and enchantments, indoctrinated into them at youth and bombarded with in society. This fable minded nurturing, as children is NOT bearing good fruit as adults because it does NOT include an ACTION PLAN for your LIFE. YOU are left empty handed with a distorted mind. When I was child, I thought as a child and acted as a child, but when I became a man. I put away childish things. This is a journey to enlightenment. This Ministry/Movement is a comparative analysis for YOU to determine for yourself, whether the path being taught to YOU, is a path to destruction or a path to enlightenment. The path to enlightenment comes with an ACTION PLAN for your LIFE.

The course teaches about the reality of life and finding purpose in your existence. The course discusses the different phases of life and the phases of each stage of development and what actions must be taken to stay on course. Train up a child in THE WAY, so that they will NOT be consumed by the things of this world by learning to live a LIFE of Balance.

The course discusses the biblical requirements that God and Jesus has established to get into the kingdom of Heaven. A person is given an actual roadmap of what is expected of their spiritual and physical existence so a person will not be consumed by the lure of the world and risk losing their souls.

This is laying the foundation of good stewardship so when a person is being instructed on kingdom building principles they will not lose their way, since the world is already consumed with individuals you worship money and materialism and don't see it as a kingdom building tool.

The course also teaches the ultimate goal in life is to reach spiritual enlightenment, while they are being taught how to create a legacy for their children as the scriptures mandate for your lives, to live a profitable life. Your body is a Temple, a person should possess inner peace and learn how to live in prosperity.

The course teaches how tradition learned while in bondage, continues to rob them of their true spiritual nature and how to restore your nature in order to take back your power from the strongman's house. This represents anything in your LIFE that prevents YOU from achieving your full potential, as God requires in each of our lives. The scale of LIFE must be in Balance.

YOU have Judge, Jury and your Advocate [whether Yeshua, Allah, Buddha, Krishna etc ] whomever is presenting the facts of your existence [Your Heart - Third Eye has recorded your existence]. Your LIFE is your Testimony and Repentance. YOU were NOT born with a Bible in your hands. Have YOU heard people say, especially when they are caught doing something wrong and they get busted, well God knows my heart, without really understanding the implications of what they are really saying. God will definitely know your heart at judgement. Your Heart is being weighed and it must be in balance with the laws of God which is being represented by the feather. This is NOT about being perfect but there are mitigating factors which are taken into consideration which allows the scale to Balance. Just as with any advocate, the facts must line up showing his/her client in the best light. YOU can't have unclean hands.

See Orientation Course.

Your Instructor

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq. Pastor of the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq. Pastor of the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq. was raised in the church, sang in the choir, served on the Usher Board, Deacon Board and was an active participant most of his adult life. He has been a licensed minister since June 18, 2008. After becoming an attorney and after years of studying the bible and experiencing how the church was being operated and the affect it was having on its membership. He started his own Ministry which he named the Temple of Inner Peace and Property, a 21st Century Ministry/Movement in Personal Growth and Professional Development. He came to the conclusion that the church has failed to evolve and serve its membership as the scriptures instructed the church to do. The tree [church] was not bearing good fruit and was preaching its own doctrine instead of what God and Jesus intended. Of course his teaching have been controversial because church goers have never been taught what the bible actually says about a person's life being his/her true testimony before God and NOT what comes out of a persons mouth.

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