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[Required] 52-Week Wealth Literacy and Relationship Building Workshop




Weekly Workshop

About the Course

This is the corner stone of changing the family and relationship dynamic. This is the big fight, which is changing bad habits into good habits. This program is designed to get to the root cause of our struggles in society. Getting into the home! Transforming the home into the Original Department of Housing, Education and Welfare and stop relying on the government and outside forces to help YOU when YOU where created to be your own savior and blessing. Of course everyone needs a hand up, but asking for charity and depending on others should NOT become a way of LIFE.

This program is designed to change the family dynamics and improve LIFE, by making the home the foundation and an institution of Higher Learning. Before anyone, decides to get married and raise a family or even before they graduate High School and/or college, this material should be learned and digested becoming part of their DNA.

YOU see, this material is NOT learned in school. This material teaches YOU how wealth is created and takes YOU on a journey. This is why it is so important that your children learn this information before leaving home. Children are NOT being prepared and equipped to live LIFE and prosper. We live in a world that if different for each generation. However, certain things never change! No longer can YOU grow up your children without raising them and expect life to work out.

It is NOT enough just to have a lot of money. This is merely part of the equation. What's important is after YOU have spent the early part of your LIFE getting an education, becoming the best athlete, or entertainer, winning the lottery or getting that inheritance. Why do YOU think when people become wealthy suddenly, after spending years of hard work and preparation, it suddenly becomes a curse. Poverty is a mindset and a comfort level. This is why some people are scared of money and are conditioned to become victims who want they have worked and toiled. Wealth is also learned behavior that must override your conditioned poverty mindset.

Your Instructor

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.

High School Graduate John Adams (Mighty Rebels), Cleveland Ohio (Plan A)
United States Air Force 4 years - Medic/Pharmacy Technician (Plan A)
After serving in the military, I worked as a civilian Pharmacy Technician part time while completing Degree(s) in:

Bachelors Degree in Financial Management (Plan A)
Bachelors Degree, concentration in Economics (Plan A)
Certificate in Financial Instruments (Plan A)
Employed as a Financial/Cost Analyst in various Aerospace and Commercial Settings for over 12 years after college (Plan A)

Started Part Time Business during same time period, as a Personal Financial Planner and Tax Preparer for over 14 years (Plan B)
Started Law School 10 years after graduation from college (Plan B)
My Plan A plus Plan B turned into my own full time legal practice.
Currently, A California licensed attorney approaching 28 years! (A Strategic Life Plan)

Currently a 21st Century Minister approaching 16 years. What do I mean by 21st Century? Your Life is your Testimony and Repentance by keeping the Commandments of God. In this Ministry I specifically outline what these mandates are and how they are to be implemented in your LIFE. I then make sure that my members are prepared to compete in LIFE through study and apprenticeship. In this Ministry, Blessings are tangible results, designed to flow both ways and is this Ministry/Movement is not a one way transaction.
Prosperity is achieved in this Ministry/Movement by learning to Work Together with others in the spirit of Love and UNITY. This powerful combination is called, taking back your POWER, given to YOU by God at your creation. This will transform lives and address brokenness, poverty and despair and those who are already successful. It makes sure that your soul is not being consumed by excess greed and materialism able to reach back and teach your others how to succeed.

By learning Personal Responsibility you discover that YOU are in charge of your LIFE and responsible for living a profitable LIFE. YOU can then proceed with this understanding to EVOLVE into your complete person (Spiritually, Physically, Intellectually and Financially!) which encompasses the all - Mind, Body and Soul. The ultimate objective is reaching enlightenment upon which your soul will be judged. The scale of Judgement must be in BALANCE. See Orientation Course. This is how YOU Balance!

If one of these pillars is out of balance, it could pull down the whole Temple (the Person).

Plan C - This is where your PREPARATION and HARD WORK begin to WORK for you in your Golden Years. This is a 21st Century Ministry/Movement. Each One Teach One - Earn While YOU Learn.

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq. at your Service!

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