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[Main Course] Mastery in the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth


Included with Membership


Mastery Twelve [12] Month Wealth Literacy Course

About the Course

Congratulations. YOU have proven your ability to push through and finish what YOU started. There is a method to the madness. I have compressed over 45 years of LIFE, professional experience and wisdom into these courses. I know your brain is hurting, as YOU know, This means it is only growing. These skills will prove YOU well as YOU progress on the journey called LIFE.

Now, YOU will learn more about Organization, Time Management, Budgeting, The Different Type of Business Entities, Investments, Bankruptcy, and Asset Protection. This follows the same outline as covered in your 52-Week Family Wealth Literacy Workshop.

It takes time to master this material and this is only a crash course. Each year your thinking, skills and wisdom will grow because your maturity level will grow. Most importantly YOU are given a roadmap to follow compared to those who are living LIFE without a clue. However, this is your opportunity to be a blessing by showing them THE WAY. YOU are surrounding yourself with people who know the same thing and are able to compete and thrive on the same level.

When it comes to relationships. This is what it means to be equally yoked. Each person is bringing something to the table to empower themselves, each other and their children. YOU have learned the difference between a person who is merely talking and those who are doers. The difference between something bragging about what have and a person showing YOU how to do it. YOU are becoming your own leader and master of your destiny.

YOU should be organizing family and friends around this material. Your goal is to make this mandatory learning throughout our homes and communities. NO WEAK LINKS.

YOU will learn what it means to be an entrepreneur with the skills to create, accumulate, manage and preserve wealth. Your children are being trained along side YOU, so generational wealth and progress is being institutionalized.

This Next Course after graduating this series is the implementation and growth of the companies YOU are creating. YOU don't have to wait 10, 20, 30 years for your dreams and desires to come true.

The next level of study is being able to take your companies public within our communities, structured in a way they are NOT easily bought out. That's a strategy for another day, for graduates only!

Your Instructor

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.

High School Graduate John Adams (Mighty Rebels), Cleveland Ohio (Plan A)
United States Air Force 4 years - Medic/Pharmacy Technician (Plan A)
After serving in the military, I worked as a civilian Pharmacy Technician part-time while completing Degree(s) in:

Bachelor's Degree in Financial Management (Plan A)
Bachelor's Degree, concentration in Economics (Plan A)
Certificate in Financial Instruments (Plan A)
Employed as a Financial/Cost Analyst in various Aerospace and Commercial Settings for over 12 years after college (Plan A)
Juris Doctorate J.D.

Started Part Time Business during the same period, as a Personal Financial Planner and Tax Preparer for over 14 years (Plan B)
Licensed in LIFE Insurance, Variable Annuities, and Securities Licensed in all states (Series 6, 63) for over 14 years
Started Law School 10 years after graduation from college (Plan B)
My Plan A plus Plan B turned into my full-time legal practice.
Currently, a California-licensed Attorney for 28 years! (A Strategic Life Plan)

Currently, a 21st Century Minister, approaching 16 years. What do I mean by 21st Century? Your Life is your Testimony and Repentance by keeping the Commandments of God. In this Ministry, I specifically outline what these requirements are. and how to implement them in your LIFE. The goal is to be prepared to compete in LIFE through study, apprenticeship, and practice of fellowship with like minds. In this Ministry, Blessings are tangible results, designed to flow both ways, and this Ministry/Movement is not a one-way transaction.
Prosperity is achieved in this Ministry/Movement by learning to Work Together with others in the spirit of Love and UNITY. This powerful combination is called, taking back your POWER, given to YOU by God at your creation. This will transform lives and address brokenness, poverty, and despair. Those who are already successful in LIFE. This program ensures that your soul is in balance, not consumed by excess greed and materialism encouraging the member to reach back and teach others.

By learning Personal Responsibility you discover that YOU are in charge of your LIFE and responsible for living a profitable LIFE. YOU can then proceed with this understanding to EVOLVE into your complete person (Spiritually, Physically, Intellectually, and Financially!) which encompasses the all - Mind, Body, and Soul. The ultimate objective is reaching enlightenment upon which your soul will be judged. The scale of Judgement must be in BALANCE. See Orientation Course. This is how YOU Balance!

If one of these pillars is out of balance, it could pull down the whole Temple (the Person).

Plan C - This is where your PREPARATION and HARD WORK begin to WORK for you in your Golden Years. This is a 21st Century Ministry/Movement. Each One Teach One - Earn While YOU Learn.

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq. at your Service!

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