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I AM the Rev. Dr.  Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.  I AM a parent and passionate about empowering the future of our children and how their lack of structure and PURPOSE is causing serious dysfunction in our lives, homes, relationships, communities, and society. I have raised successful children and helped countless others implement structure, discipline, and focus, challenging them, to see LIFE from a different perspective [PURPOSE]. Everyone wants to succeed, thrive, and prosper, but don't have the right attitude, outlook, background, education, skills, and training to make it happen. Success and Prosperity are Learned Behavioral patterns that build upon each other.  This means their foundation must be solid.

In this regard, I have created a supplemental educational system that gives motivated parents and youth the tools and skills they will need to help them focused on improving their parenting skills which will lead to a LIFE transformation.  YOU will learn how to become and raise high-value individuals, able to compete, thrive and prosper in our society. Although I have created a crash course to get YOU started, saving you years and years of frustration.  However, it does require your willingness to invest in yourself and your children. This is renewing of the mind is a LIFELONG process in behavioral modification.   This is a New and Improved approach to Our transformation. Isn't it time that the Affirmative Action generation, many of whom are at retirement age or retired, begin to use the opportunities provided to them, and start giving back through educating, training and sharing their professional experiences within their communities.  I welcome YOU to become a part of this Ministry/Movement, joining forces with me for a great paradigm shift. The scriptures tell us to whom much is given, much is required. The scriptures also mandate that we live profitable lives by becoming good stewards. We are failing God and ourselves in these areas.


I have compressed over 46 years of kindness, love, joy, happiness, compassion, personal and professional knowledge, experience, and wisdom preparing this 21st Century Ministry/Movement.  Together, we need a proven approach to deal with poverty, frustration and despair at the grassroots level.  What we are doing is NOT producing good results or "fruit" for the majority of the people. The biggest obstacle is being willing to upgrade the software of the individual mind and then, begin by thinking about more than just yourself.  We are our brothers and sisters' keepers. It is called the Renewing of the Mind.

I care deeply about YOU and our children's success. I AM concerned about the current state of affairs in which too many of Us have no definite direction and Purpose in LIFE other than chasing money, excessive materialism and grinding out a paycheck-to-paycheck existence. 

[The rat race].  Without knowing the Why of your existence?

A person cannot live their best LIFE.  See Orientation Course.

My Motto "Leave No Person Behind"

And, If You're NOT ready, we'll come back for YOU.

Until then, Get Out of The Way of Your Children becoming Better and Stronger than YOU, becoming a New and Improved Generation of Leadership. It's Time to Evolve from Poverty, Dysfunction and Generational Curses.

This is a three (3) Tier Ministry/Movement.

[Spiritual, Economic Empowerment and Business]

Visit my social media links above. 

See "courses" above where I briefly detail my education and professional background in these areas. The Time is Right and The Price is Right!

A Brief Reflection as to Why I Created this Ministry.

One day, a young man stopped and asked me while I was walking to church. Mister, "Is this all there is to LIFE"? Wow, I said to myself, what a profound, philosophical and practical question. My LIFE was going well, and everything was great at the time. I invited this young man to walk with me and I asked him to go to church with me.  We began to talk. He responded, I tried that church thing, and it wasn't for me. He explained further, I saw all those successful looking people going into the "building" wearing fine clothes and driving fancy cars and I wanted to know how I could be successful like them.  However, when I attended no one spoke to me because I didn't look like them and it made me feel uncomfortable. None of the men even talked to me and the women looked at me as if I had a plague. He said, I just wanted to know what I needed to do to become successful like them. And when they passed the tray so many times, I didn't have any money to put into the tray. It made me feel exploited and uncomfortable, so I stopped going. I never forgot this encounter.  He didn't realize that God had answered his prayers by meeting me. We must be able to understand when God has sent the opportunity YOU need to answer your prayers.  Next, YOU must be willing to do the work. God is telling us; "I gave YOU everything YOU need to deliver yourself from bondage". This conversation germinated in my spirit and caused me to ponder over the years which helped me as I created and formulated this 21st Century Ministry/Movement. It's all about creating PURPOSE in LIFE while also providing them with the skills, training and continued support they need to achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations. in LIFE. This training and development need to start as early as possible, by making this Ministry/Movement a part of their upbringing.

See 52-week Family Wealth Literacy Workshop.


During my early years, I would visit youth detention centers to speak with the young men who were incarcerated in these detention centers. The room was always packed with vibrate discussions. I would listen to them as they spoke about their individual circumstances. During my LIFE and professional career, my job was to identify and fix problems by designing corrective ACTION plans in the corporate environment to reach maximum profitability as a cost/financial analyst.  As a financial planner for over 15 years, I did the same thing on an individual basis. These group and individual encounters allowed me to get the feedback needed to determine the root causation, leading to the dysfunction of company departments and why the dysfunction of our families, youth and community. My purpose in both encounters was to increase profitability.  Later, in each of these settings, I was able to formulate and explain to them an Action Plan to address their concerns. In the corporate setting, I created quality circle meetings where we would meet each week. I brought donuts, where I explained why I was there.  I explained that we were one company and NOT individual departments within that company.  I was there to connect the dots in efficiency and profitability, but first, I listened to the groups concerns. 


During one of these youth meetings. One young man stood up and said to me, after explaining this program, I was formulating in my mind.  Mister, that is exactly what we need and if it was available to us, as children growing up, we would not have ended up here and we would be able to live better lives. They got it! This group of approximately 50 or more young men unanimously agreed to what this young man said. They told me, please Mister, Do NOT forget about Us. It brings tears to my eyes then and now, as I recall these encounters. I never forgot about them, and/or the young man who stopped me on the street. I hope they discover this material for themselves and their children. Raising productive children and building strong families and communities is a team sport.

It indeed takes a village to develop the fortitude, determination and inner strength to make change!

See The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity Ministry/Movement.

On least three (4) occasions over the years. I have had young people make the effort to contact me later in their LIFE after our initial encounter. On three separate occasions, young men knocked on my door. Mr. Sinclair, I know YOU don't remember me, but I was one of those young men who was in the crowd when YOU would pick up your son from school. Your son told us YOU were an attorney, and we would gather around YOU asking questions. I just want to thank YOU for taking the time to speak with us. I just wanted to let YOU know, I'm in college and the impact YOU had on my LIFE inspired me to straighten up. I saw in YOU, my potential for achieving excellence. These events happened years apart on three (3) separate occasions. Each time it brought tears to my eyes.


My job is to plant good seed. It may take days, weeks, months and years to germinate, but it will when the soil of the mind becomes fertile enough.  See Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity.

 As a middle school substitute teacher for five (5) years.  I had the opportunity to observe the dynamics between various school systems and how they treated inner city youth versus more organized and disciplined school systems. The inner-city schools seem to exhibit a more toxic environment which interfered with student growth and development. It's more difficult when students don't come to school ready and prepared to learn. Many of the students were walking around with empty back packs. It all comes down to school structure [expectations], teachers, student attitudes and parental involvement.  Most students who are disruptive and become disciplinary problems have fallen behind in learning for years and begin lashing out. In my discussion with parents over choosing the right school system. I explained to them, that for the most part, no matter what school your children go to, it is your involvement as a parent, making sure they understand their homework assignments, status their reading, read to them as children, making sure they are prepared to learn, making sure they have the supplies, and get help if they need it because when the parent is interested and involved in their learning, so is the child. Each child is different and learns at its own pace, and just because they don't get it on the teacher's schedule, doesn't mean they won't get it.  On the flip side, if YOU have an extremely smart child, these are the ones who sometimes end up in trouble as well because they are bored and tend to self-destruct. I discuss many of these issues on my podcasts and YOUTUBE videos.


In my fourth example. There was one young man, who was a terror in one of my classroom assignments, as a Longterm sub. There were a handful of young men like this, and I would pull them aside, but this particular young man, when he returned to his eighth-grade year, pulled me aside one day, when I happened to be assigned to that school again.  He asked, Mr. where have YOU been, I have been looking for YOU.  He was excited, He said, Mister, all summer, YOU were on my mind. I was hearing what YOU were telling me, about getting my act together and that I was making a serious mistake, NOT taking advantage of this FREE opportunity to take my education seriously.  Mister, I just wanted to tell YOU, that I was listening and I'm going to do better and get my act together. Just because YOU don't think a child is listening doesn't mean they are NOT listening.


Your job is to plant good seed and be a positive example.


In the classroom, I observed many students, over those years, who didn't say anything, actually started getting it together.  On occasion, I had high school assignments and would see some of these same children who were disruptive in middle school.  Those who didn't quit and give up were struggling because they had to catch up, but they understood why, and I would give them an encouraging word. They said, mister, I'm getting it together. They weren't hanging out with others any longer, they were focused on their studies. I observed, they were growing up by taking personal responsibility for their LIFE choices. There were also some tragedies.  There was one student years earlier, whom I had the same conversation(s). I told him, if he didn't get it together, he would be begging and living under the neighborhood bridge like so many others, I observed, if he didn't begin to take education seriously. This happens to be the standard response, I get from children as well as adults, "that's NOT going to happen to me".  A couple of years later, I happened to observe this same young man, dirty and begging for change at a gas station. It made me sad, and I didn't have the courage to approach him. He observed me watching and he dropped his head. I hope this brief encounter would cause him to hear my words, spoken to him just a couple of years earlier. On certain days when I rode the bus, and when it approached the school. A group of former students who dropped out would "bum" rush onto the bus asking for change.

One student had the audacity to say, I know YOU have it. What a disaster!


On another occasion, I had the opportunity to speak with a High School student who had dropout, and for some reason was allowed to enroll back into high school, much older, than the other students at the school. He wanted to get his High School Diploma and NOT a GED.  It was a special program set aside from the other younger students. He spoke with me about his maturity which led to his mental transformation, and I asked him what he would have done differently, if he could have a do over, with what he knows now.  He made two profound and memorable statements: (1) First, he said, he would have taken education more seriously; and (2) Second, he would have chosen better friends.  


Don't Waste Time! "Do It Right the First Time".

These are just a few of the stories.


While I was growing up in Cleveland Ohio and before deciding to leave home after graduation from John Adams High School (1976). I already had the discipline, to listen to my mother, the structure to value education and desire to get good grades, but this would prove to be good foundation, but still NOT enough.  This type of knowledge presented here builds upon those basic skills needed in developing critical thinking skills, for LIFE as it relates to the goal in LIFE which is the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth, while living LIFE with Spiritual Purpose. This foundational knowledge is NOT being taught in our homes and schools. We are taught to go to college, get a good job, use credit [OPM], overspend, living above your means, hopefully ready to retire with a pension and social security, if YOU are fortunate. Over 50% of people are NOT ready for retirement. The different economic cycles and challenges each generation faces are different, however, the fundamentals which are NOT being taught, never change. Children must be taught to become aware of the challenges they will face in LIFE and how to prepare for them and what happens if YOU don't prepare for such challenges.


I managed to escape my circumstances of poverty, and despair when I left home after graduating High School and joined the military [USAF]. And although I had learned a trade and skill, LIFE was still, trial and error.  What a difference, it would have made, if I was taught about the economic realities and pitfalls of poor decision making, poor relationships and most importantly, NOT having to learn from living a LIFE of Trial and Error

[A hard Knox LIFE].  I recall lessons my uncle taught me about avoiding certain circumstances which actually saved my LIFE. However, no practical lessons in LIFE Economics.

Over these same years, as a child growing up, the world saw China move from last in the world and laughingstock, to becoming first in economic and military dominance, while the U.S. is losing ground morally and economically, just like the people. Our spending habits helped finance China's Economic Growth and Military Dominance. This is NOT failing to mention these same individuals and other groups coming from other countries, opening up businesses in our communities, who don't live there, eventually prospering, due to our inappropriate behavior and inappropriate spending habits giving them all our money.  A healthy minded people don't act like this; and once a healthy minded people recognizes that such behavior is inappropriate. A healthy minded people are able to take the appropriate corrective action. We spend over a trillion dollars a year in other people's communities making them strong and prosperous, able to educate their children, sending them to the best of schools, looking down on us for being stupid, while our own communities are suffering due to this economic neglect. The same lessons apply to any household, where precious resources are being taken from your homes and spent elsewhere, eventually your household will begin to unravel and fall apart. 


This is a great lesson for us as individuals and communities to learn from and follow.  The lesson here is how WE can change our collective behavior in order to move from last to first. First thing is that persons need to recognize what is happening, work on and make a commitment of excellence to self, all of us learning the same thing, being able to work together and build, each one teach one, making us able to earn while we learn, while learning to work together with the same goal(s) while providing top quality service. 

This is a big problem/opportunity leading to crime, gentrification, high unemployment and

homelessness, which is on the rise within our communities. This is all a result of failing at the individual and institutional level to create an economic infrastructure, a succession plan and a family legacy of building lasting wealth within our persons, homes and communities. Each generation must stop having to start from scratch.

Just remember, the opposite of any problem is an opportunity, and solution. Therein lies the problem/opportunity.  YOU can find the solution to any problem, by reverse engineering it and fixing the symptom. This is a process involving Critical Thinking.


Critical thinking involves finding solutions and addressing problems before they arise.

For example, YOU think Poverty is the Problem, when Poverty is merely the Symptom of the Problem. The problem of Poverty is the lack of an Economic Infrastructure and inappropriate spending habits. Why is there a lack of an Economic Infrastructure? It is engaging Inappropriate social Behavior and Inappropriate spending habits. This stems from Poor Self-Esteem, Poor Discipline, Poor Education, Poor Behavior and the breakdown of the family structure, grounded in the Failure to understand how to Create Generational and Institutional Wealth?

The solution is getting the right Education combined with UNITY of Purpose.

This analysis applies to any Individual and/or Family and/or Group situation.

See 52-week Family Wealth Literacy Workshop.

Change comes from getting the right education which leads to changing perspectives which leads to

increased understanding which leads to changing inappropriate behavior.


Currently our Children and Adults are depressed, too many feel the only way out is that they must commit suicide, to escape an unbearable LIFE. This should tell us that something is going very wrong in our cosmic nature. It all goes back to the young man asking me, "Is this all there is to LIFE."

It is a LIFE without Family, UNITY, Purpose and Direction.

Children grow into adults that are NOT prepared to compete and survive in LIFE at a High Level,

other than just struggling to make ends meet constantly getting into more and more debt through overconsumption. "YOU are living beyond your preparation for LIFE".

It doesn't have to be this way! 


 As individuals and parents, a person can't know what they don't know, but that isn't the real problem. It's what YOU think YOU know that is the real problem, such as when YOU want to start a family, a business, enter into a contract and other sophisticated transactions without adequate preparation, skills, training and experience and all YOU think YOU need is a small business loan without a LIFE action plan, business plan or business model. The problem we face is that people believe they already know everything they need to know and if they don't know it, that some malevolent outside force will come to their rescue and give them all the knowledge and skills they need and/or do for them, that which they are unwilling and/or refuse to do for themselves.  This is a destructive limiting mindset making the person even more dysfunctional causing them to make inappropriate and poor LIFE choices and decisions. I call it being in a state of insanity when YOU fail to prepare and then YOU try to keep from going under, constantly trying to keep a roof over your head, having to work multiple jobs, keeping your mind on money, and money on your mind.  We spend our entire existence having to earn money in a highly competitive society. However, we fail to take any time to understand how money is a tool and if used properly can NOT only satisfy basic needs [Food, Clothing, Shelter] but can create sustained wealth and spiritual prosperity. 

Another motto, "Heaven on Earth is a Positive Cash Flow".


However, combined with the stubbornness of being willingly ignorant, indifferent and unwilling to upgrade the software of the mind [evolve] makes a person incapable of meeting 21st Century challenges.  The failure to develop critical thinking skills. This unwillingness to evolve to meet the needs of the 21st Century is a formula for disaster.  As the saying goes," it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks" which seems to have some merit. However, these individuals and parents who refuse to evolve are passing on these bad habits to their children and such behavior has become a generational curse. Therefore, it is imperative as parents, YOU incorporate this material whether YOU understand it right Now or NOT, in order to get this knowledge into the DNA of your household while your young children are still under your roof.  It is your job as a parent to provide guidance by providing an environment of inspiration and eagerness to learn. However, YOU can't teach what YOU don't understand yourself.


This Ministry/Movement is an individual and parental guide to raising highly motivated and profitable children who will learn what it takes to compete and prosper, able to train their children to do the same. Just imagine, reaching your parenting goal of raising high-value profitable children and NOT having to take care of your children into adulthood because they were never "raised" to compete and prosper in society because YOU didn't know how, yourself. Ask yourself, how does an oppressive system, continuously incarcerate so many children, men and women each year? It is based upon learned behavior! Poverty and Despair is a business model designed to impoverish the masses and unless YOU know how to avoid this oppressive business model designed to keep YOU enslaved, LIFE will only continue to get worse and even winning the lottery will NOT change anything. Society is falling apart, and the gap between the rich and poor is widening with our rights being eroded through each political cycle. Parents are the backbone of any society. They have been stripped of their parental authority; however, parents are still being held responsible for the dysfunctional and criminal behavior of their minor children who eventually grow into dysfunctional adults. Either they die prematurely, are incarcerated, or YOU have to take care of them financially into adulthood, knowing they will eventually become impoverished and homeless, when YOU are no longer here. I've seen it over and over again. Children are NOT being prepared.

See above 52-week Family Wealth Literacy Workshop.


In a recent court case, a fifteen (15) year old young man, his parents bought him an automatic rifle for his birthday. This young man within days used it to shoot up his school, killing 5 classmates, injuring countless others. Each parent in this two-family household has been held criminally responsible for the actions of this only child. Each parent was sentenced to 15 years in prison while the son was sentenced to LIFE.  What a living nightmare! This case has set a NEW legal precedent, and cases of this type will start to explode. Don't become like these parents, join me now and become a part of this 21st Century Ministry/Movement in Personal Growth and professional Development.


The warning is clear, and parents across this country are being put on notice. Just think of the implications this will have on inner city crime and families in general where children are engaging in drive by shootings, school shootings and other types of criminal activity with the narrative "guns don't kill, people do". This will lead to another wave of criminalizing and destroying families based once again, on inappropriate "behavior". "YOU did it to yourself".  This is unimaginable having to spend a significant and best years of your LIFE in prison for the wrongful acts of a wayward child living under your roof, who has lost "The Way" because of inattentive parenting, indifference and neglect.  Stop being a friend, YOU are a Parent.  Parenting is hard work that pays, if your children grow up to be profitable contributors to society, able to raise profitable children themselves, whom YOU can enjoy being taught to build upon the foundation [your legacy] while creating their own. Point being, children and grandchildren NOT having to start from scratch. YOU might NOT be able to leave money or property, but YOU can Now, give them the Knowledge they need to survive and prosper.


Too many parents fear their children because the state tells them they can't discipline their own children. Is the state the parent? These parents like many others have lost their way, becoming indifferent to what was going on in the teenage LIFE of their child because they feel they have lost control, saying a "hard head, soft behind" - The School of Hard Knox upside the head. We know there are good parents, whose children still go astray.  This is why we need competent individuals and families to begin sharing and working together as a village, to help each other.  None of that don't touch or tell my child what do, when they are being observed, in the wrong.

Put the POWER of parenting back on the table. 

Parents, together "We the People", can take back this Power [Parenting].


The state tells Us not to discipline our children, when they are NOT disciplined enough to discipline themselves, and the State will still want to hold YOU responsible for the conduct of your child.  Mothers, Time Out doesn't work and it doesn't mean letting your "male" child play video games all day and night while empowering your daughters and emasculating your sons without discipline, structure and guidance.

The state and the video game are NOT the parent, YOU are!

Get my FREE 52-week Family Wealth Literacy and Relationship Building Calendar.

See Courses above


Get control of yourself and your family dynamic. YOU are the one responsible! What about the impact this wayward child has had on these 5 other parents [families] who no longer have the love, affection and enjoyment of their children. NOT to mention seeing them graduate, get married, family gatherings and the joy of having grandchildren. These good parents will never experience this type of joy. This is why, YOU can NOT ignore the plight of others because it will affect your household one day. Community is a Team Sport. Good Parenting is an enormous responsibility with far reaching implications. We are the village - WE have the POWER!

Once Again, don't become like those Parents who inadvertently destroyed their own lives and so many others by failing to engage in the parenting of your own child.

See 52-week Family Wealth Literacy Workshop and Family Wealth Literacy Boot Camp


I have observed these types of hands-off parents don't want to raise their own children and don't want anyone else to say anything to their child. This is even before the know the facts.  They too are the product of poor parenting. It's a vicious cycle and a cancer within our society. We can no longer afford to be indifferent as a community, society, culture because we are all interconnected.  As a parent, YOU are the most precious resource in any community, in raising the child(ren). YOU must begin to hold yourself and others to the highest standard of care and responsibility for the acts of their children. As a conscientious, responsible individual, YOU should already know this. However, this discussion is merely the starting point. So, let this Ministry/Movement assist each of YOU, in becoming better individuals and parents because if YOU don't, they will soon be coming for YOU,

whether YOU should be aware of their behavior or NOT!

Brethren let us learn to work together, as God intended, who has given us the strength, resources and

mandate, in order to rebuild the lives of ourselves, individuals, families and communities for generations to come.

On Earth, As It Is In Heaven!

Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.

At Your Service!


If YOU are looking for a new and exciting Ministry/Movement to fellowship with like minds to improve yourself, children and help others to do the same. Let's connect!

323 299 2509

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